About Syama

Syama is a passionate speaker and writer, always ready to assist budding entrepreneurs. She also coaches fellow CEOs on business matters regarding sales, marketing and organization.

Syama has been interviewed by Refinery 29, NPR, Founders LA, Daily Worth, U.S. News & World Report, and most recently partnered with TEDxLA on a pre-event series on the importance of sustainability in fashion.


My story

I'm powering businesses around the world to reach new heights after working with top fashion brands - such as Gucci and Versace Beauty - to exponentially increase sales and clientele.

My day starts with early morning calls from clients in Dubai and ends with late night calls with entrepreneurs in Australia.

I provide my clients with the expertise I've gained over the years to successfully launch new products and brands or to reorganize their companies to boost business and sales.

My clients take me around the world. I have been known to take conference calls on the Amazon River in Peru (yes, that really happened!).

I love to inspire, educate and see results. You can find me guest blogging on your favorite blogs, speaking at conferences and speaking with clients almost every day.

The Journey so far

A graduate in economics and philosophy, I grew up in San Francisco, moved to New York and now live in Los Angeles. At the age of 16, I was looking at the job boards for LVMH. At 20, I was working for Chanel Beauté, Versace Beauty, Anna Sui Beauty and a part of the launch of Armani Beauty. I knew fashion business was my destiny. By the age of 22, I had worked with the top beauty brands in the industry.

I found my true calling when I forayed into merchandising. I worked with Macy's, Barneys New York, Ann Taylor, Gucci and AHAlife and observed the industry from all angles — luxury, aspirational, vertical, startup, online, brick and mortar, etc.

My strategies have proven their efficacy. . In two years I doubled sales at Gucci from $50M to $100M through price point sensitivity analysis and cross-functional leadership across stores and merchandising.

I've also helped new business owners open up brick and mortar stores in New York City and have helped clients double their revenue from wholesale and e-commerce channels. My approach is always to capture low-hanging fruits and exploit opportunities. This is different for each brand and requires a collaborative approach to synergize teams or coach a new CEO.

My vast experience across product categories and functionalities led me to venture into Scaling Retail. What started as an email to 50 friends has now blossomed into a full scale operation that can service businesses of all sizes.

Your brand is like the Pantheon & the
collections are the pillars. Build it to last.

- Syama Meagher

About Scaling Retail

Scaling Retail is the destination for every fashion business. I have created a variety of resources and tools based on your problem areas and needs for growth. All material comes directly from years of work experience involving businesses big and small.

Fashion Profit Plan is a proprietary system for startups and growing businesses. Starting with the "Fundamentals Course", which is designed to give new business owners the foundation to grow, I cover topics ranging from cash flow to marketing to merchandising.

The course will help startups launch product after the necessary groundwork. The next three systems — Fashion Profit Plan Wholesale, E-commerce and Marketing — are specially crafted to build your business. If you think the time has come to transform your business or take another growth trajectory, then these are the courses I recommend.

Mindset Makeover is a media group dedicated to promoting mindfulness and meditation for entrepreneurs. Through my years of consulting, I have witnessed and experienced the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

My clients who adopt these skills become better leaders and are more successful. Both personal and external results are evident in just two weeks.

Fashion Business Books is a resource destination for DIY'ers and fashion business enthusiasts. I've picked the best reads to help you accomplish almost anything and added in titles to inspire and assist you on your entrepreneurial journey.


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