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What We Do


Hello, welcome to Scaling Retail. We are a full service retail consultancy
firm that specializes in small to medium businesses like yourself. We draw
from years of experience working at companies like Barney's New York,
Gucci, Macy's, and Ann Taylor, as well as working with and scaling dozens
of small retail brands, such as yourself.

We like to call ourselves the retail doctor. We quickly diagnose, treat,
and give you the strategies, in order to get your business heading in the
right direction. We work in a holistic way, promoting partnerships and non-
exploited business models. We also draw in a vast network of resources that
you might find helpful to growing your business. You can count on us to
give you recommendations for the best PR, social media, lawyers, and
venture capitalists firms, to help you take your business to the next

Some services that we offer include, business plans, looking at multiple
revenue streams, ensuring that you have the right market entry strategy, so
that would be price points, customer demographics, as well as looking at
assortment planning. We give you the right tools to keep on track, and we
look forward to working with you.