Fashion Fast-Track: A Shortcut from Samples to Sales

You’re starting out as the owner of a new fashion brand and you’re passionate about your business. The creativity and ideas just keep flowing…

So what comes next? Going from ideas and samples to actual sales.

  • What do you do once you’ve already sold to family and friends and the sales are dipping?
  • How much does social media matter and what should you be sharing?
  • Do you have the pricing and positioning for consistent income and growth?
  • Are you using your resources (time, energy, money) in the most productive way?

As a newcomer to fashion, the mystery surrounding what it takes to succeed leads to frustration and doubt. But you don’t have to do it alone. Our team of industry pros will help you get the job done – and with a lot less effort.

Our six-month Fast-Track from Samples to Sales program will show you how to build a customer base and a brand identity that sells. It includes all the systems and tools you need to grow rapidly, become profitable and lay the groundwork for growth – plus access to trusted, vetted resources like manufacturers, attorneys and accountants. You’ll learn the business and feel like a confident and capable CEO.

Scaling Sales: Growth Stage Strategies for Fashion Businesses

Once you make it past the startup stage, you need a vision, business plan, network and strategy to take you to the next level.

Most people fail at scaling. Why? They simply try to do more of what they’ve already been doing. What got you here can’t get you to the next level — the right strategy will.

Once you have consistent sales, a strong presence in the market, and basic systems and processes in place, we’ll help you grow your marketing, production and internal infrastructure to both create and meet the demand necessary for growth.

Many fashion consultants have experience designing and launching lines; our experience lies in helping those businesses grow each year. We’ve taken businesses from $250k to $1.5M in sales and from $50M to $100M. Some of our most recent growth stage clients include SUGARHIGH LOVESTONED and Rhode.

We’ll give you clarity and a roadmap to make the complicated decisions that come with growing your business. You’ll gain more time for working ON your business, and not just in it.

Enterprise Edition: The Innovation Lab

Caught in an echo chamber of ideas?
Not sure what’s working for smaller, grittier companies?

Draw on the expertise of former corporate executives with an insightful understanding of your needs.

We’ll leverage what’s working on the streets to make your next product or brand launch a success, with our signature 360° approach to merchandising, marketing and sales.

Launch Your First Brick & Mortar

Do you have a concept for a store but you’re not sure how to get there?

Or maybe you have an e-commerce business and you’re ready to debut offline…

Whatever the reason, skip costly trial-and-error and work with a team of professionals instead.

We’ll develop your idea – from visualization to launch – so you can open an expertly planned store, complete with an engaged community and revenue-building strategies.

Advertising & Marketing Solutions for Startup and Growth Stage Businesses

You’ve poured tons of time and money into marketing… and it’s getting you nowhere.

You’ve checked out the most important platforms and activated campaigns at key times of year. It seems you’ve tried it all- but still no traction.

It’s a common story because there are a few things you need to know, such as…

  • Who are your customers and what platforms are they on?
  • How much money should you allocate for marketing?
  • How long should you run your campaigns?

Whether you’re a startup owner or you’re running a growth stage fashion business, we’ll answer these questions and more.

In Advertising & Marketing Solutions, we’ll fully assess your business’ needs, help you develop a plan, execute and pivot. Benefit from our team’s decades of retail experience to learn the strategies necessary to push your business in the market.


"Syama has had an invaluable impact on the growth of our brand. Her breadth of knowledge of the fashion business is extensive - from working on our financial forecasting, to helping develop our sales strategy and marketing plan, to pitching to stores. She is extremely organized and has helped us focus on where and how to optimize our business, define opportunities and leverage them. We could not recommend her more highly to anyone starting or looking to grow their business in fashion."

Purna & Phoebe Founders, Rhode

“With Syama's guidance, I've gone from that feeling of 'what next?' to having a clearly laid out roadmap for everything from product development to sales to e-commerce and marketing. For a solopreneur, Syama is like having a business partner that is fully invested and passionate about making my brand a success.”

Elyse Maguire Founder, Elyse Maguire