Is It Possible to Go from a Handful of Samples to $10k a Month and Beyond?

There’s a secret game being played in the fashion industry. Some fashion brands take off and others fail to thrive (even the ones with better products). That’s because it’s not the best products that always win – but the best strategies.

In our Fast-Track consulting package, we tailor our strategies to your business’ unique needs. And you benefit from the same strategies we’ve used to help hundreds of other businesses succeed. Two brands we’ve recently launched are SELA FIT and Elyse Maguire.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Brand Identity: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

  • We’ve been an integral part of growing hundreds of startups, and it always starts with a strong brand identity. A company without a strong brand identity has never succeeded.
  • We’ll help you figure out who your target customers are (who can afford your products), where to reach them and how to talk to them to build a strong emotional connection with your brand.
  • We’ll help you craft a brand identity that showcases your unique ideas and sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Step 2: Your Personal Business Roadmap

You’re filled with amazing ideas and just as many questions: How much can I expect to make? How often should I be producing? When should I pitch distributors and what do I say? What should my wholesale pricing be and what’s the best way to reach buyers?

Many of us got into fashion for our creative strengths. We followed the “If I Build It, They Will Come” business model – and when we’re just starting out, it’s really the best way to do it!

But if you’re finding yourself pulled in a thousand directions, without a clear plan, or no idea of how much you’ll make next month or next year — it’s time for a new strategy. A strategy based on what YOU want out of the business.

Based on the realities of the market and 20 years of experience, we’ll help you create a custom business roadmap built on your resources and goals. You’ll know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Imagine knowing exactly…

  • When you need to be pitching and to who, so you never have a slow month again.
  • When to produce new lines and samples — so that you never miss a buying season again.
  • How much revenue to anticipate and what to do with it so your business grows!
  • What to charge for the most profit (that your customers are willing to pay).
  • How much inventory to keep on hand so you never get stuck with things you can’t sell.

Step 3: Results-Driven Marketing

This is where the fun really begins — seeing your unique brand identity and business plan become a reality!

In this stage, you’ll see your website, graphics, photography, and brand assets come to life. But this is just the beginning…

Assets without action are not enough. So we’ll combine your new brand with customized help to enter or expand in your market. We’ll use PR, referral programs, social media and results-driven marketing to get you to your goals.

Anyone who has ever tried to figure out social media on their own, knows there’s nothing worse than posting and waiting for sales to come in.

We’ll help you create a plan based on what works for dozens of our clients, to get you out of post-and-wait purgatory and into intentionally-driving sales.

You’ll know exactly what to do today and three months from now to maintain consistent, growing sales.

Your next step to get on the Fashion Fast-Track is simple: book a call to speak with a client specialist today.

In less than 30 minutes, we’ll answer the question:

What’s the best next step for YOU and YOUR business?

This consultation session allows us to do two things:

#1 We’ll ask about your goals, your experience, and where your company is now to determine if we’re the right fit.

And if we’re not the right fit, we’ll tell you what we think the best next step is for you and your business – even though it’s not working with us.

#2 At Scaling Retail, it’s vital to our business that our clients are happy and we only want to work with clients who we’re 100% positive we can help. Our availability is very limited, and we often have a waiting list for consulting services, so we’re extremely selective about who we decide to work with.

We work with people at all stages of business, but determine fit based on levels of commitment.