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Hello, welcome to Scaling Retail. We are a full service retail consultancy specializing in small to medium businesses like yourself. Our experience includes scaling dozens of small retail brands as well as working at companies like Barney’s New York, Gucci, and Macy’s. From crafting business plans to looking at multiple revenue streams to ensuring that you have the right market entry strategy— we’ll give you a solution that fits.

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We like to call ourselves the retail doctor. We quickly diagnose, treat, and give you the strategies to point your business in the right direction. We work in a holistic way, promoting partnerships and non-exploited business models. Leveraging a vast network of resources, we give you recommendations for the best PR, social media, lawyers, and venture capitalists firms.

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NPR Interview: Pop Up Shops

I was recently interviewed by Esther HU from NPR to discuss the future of retail along with Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa...
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  • "My business simply would not have taken off without Syama - she gave me the knowledge and confidence to launch my vision from conception to execution. Syama's vast experience and supportive nature create the kind of collaborative, safe bubble you want to be in when learning to launch or grow your business. Plainly stated: my whole team and I love her!"
    Mitchell Sandler, Founder, Mitchell Evan
  • "Working with Syama was eye-opening. She helped me to take a step back and look at my business as a business. We worked on the nuts and bolts of the financials and, in with patient and calm approach, she guided me through what I needed to do each step of the way"
    Nicole Giordano, Founder, Startup Fashion
  • "Syama has been invaluable to the development of my business as well as my personal development as a leader. She provides me with the guidance and direction I was lacking in the beginning stages before launching my brand. What I love most about working with her is how direct, to the point and blunt she is. She lets me drive in terms of what my goals are and then she quickly fires back with a to do list to help me get there. Working with Syama is like having the best tutor, she makes you work harder and smarter than you ever thought you could. After working together for four months I officially launched my brand and hired an intern to help me with the business. She has been my best investment by far. I wish I could afford to have her all to myself! "
    Dianna Pozdniakov, Owner, Sofia Fima
  • "To go from the bare minimum of retail experience, to owning and knowledgeably running my own 1750sqft concept store within seven months, would have been totally impossible without Syama from Scaling Retail's incredible tutelage and guidance. From teaching me how to create and populate spreadsheets which analyse complicated financial projections, or which simply keep track of stock; to helping put together detailed PR plans; to walking me through tax registration forms, Syama covers all the bases required to set up a retail business. She is both patient and extremely knowledgeable – whether you're a total beginner, or looking to expand your company. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone, especially considering how seamlessly we were able to work together via Skype from the other side of the country, with in-person meetings every other month. I can honestly say that my store wouldn't be here without Scaling Retail!"
    Stephanie McDermott, Owner, The Vale
  • “Syama Meagher has become a staple speaker at our Swimlessons events & the emerging brands we aim to educate absolutely love her presentations! The invaluable information and her down-to-earth delivery helps everyone from the greenest fashion entrepreneurs to the more seasoned designers.”
    Alli Johnson, Show Director, POOLTRADESHOW
  • “Syama helped me open a retail store from start to finish. From the business plan, to buying strategies, to website development - Syama was there at each stage to keep me on track. She is incredibly professional, organized, and a detailed oriented person, but most importantly was a huge support system throughout the whole process. I wouldn't have been able to take on this enormous venture without her as she provided the skills, knowledge, and personal contacts to help me accomplish my dream.”
    Elizabeth DuBois, Owner, Flat 128
  • "Before I started working with Syama, owning my own fashion retail business was just a dream. Throughout the launch of my company, Syama has been an invaluable mentor and resource. Her vast knowledge of the retail world and consistent support allowed me to set the pieces in motion to turn my career vision into a reality in a matter of months. Organized and efficient, Syama answers any questions I have thoroughly and promptly. I've avoided making many mistakes because of the industry strategies she taught me. Syama does what it takes to ensure the success of her clients, and she knows how to make any task fun."
    Laurel Tincher, CEO, Dwimmer
  • "Hiring Scaling Retail's consultation services was possibly the best investment I have done since launching my collection of printed scarves. One thing is being a designer and creating a beautiful product, but then comes the hard part, and that is, selling your creations to others. Syama guided me through the process of highlighting the uniqueness of my personal brand, creating a sales strategy and preparing me to make the most out of a Fashion Trade Show. A process which was full of Aha! moments thanks to Syama's expertise and advice. Now I have the tools to showcase my collection's points of difference and attract a larger audience for my product."
    Sigal Cohen, President and Designer, SCW
  • "Just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU for all of your support and guidance throughout our time together. I knew in my heart that I could start a business but having your support and guidance made a huge difference."
    Jillian Nelson, Owner, Coco Cooper
  • “Syama was a complete asset during the launch of my line, Cariló. I have been working in fashion for several years on the design and production side, so when it came to retail, I needed some assistance. Syama was very professional and business like, yet friendly and easy to work with. She was extremely knowledgable, helpful, clear to understand, and further had the contacts to get Cariló off the ground quickly and smoothly. I would definitely recommend her!”
    Leslie Cross, Owner, Carilo
  • "Working with Syama has been such a pleasure. She has really helped to shape the direction of my company. She keeps me focused and has re-shaped our vision. We would not be where we are today without her input. Definitely a huge asset to the brand. "
    Nisonja McGary, Owner, DanariBlu
  • "Working with Syama was an insight to the side of industry that we were unsure of. It was not only comforting to have her guide us but also made us confident in the decisions we made for our business. We will most definitely be calling on her again for guidance during the growth of indieSWIM."
    Rosanna & Zoe, Owners, indieSWIM
  • “Syama is a consummate professional and extremely knowledgeable about all things retail and merchandising. She takes pride in her work and her passion and warm personality make her a joy to work with. I would not characterize my experience as working with a “consultant”- she took a vested interest in my business and approached each of our engagements with the same level of attention and advocacy as a trusted business partner or advisor…”
  • “Syama challenged me on my business strategy and goals. Her knowledge of the industry was extremely helpful and useful in developing my market strategy. I now have my line in 10 boutiques.”
  • “Syama worked with me on business coaching. When we started I knew I wanted to launch a brand, but I wasn’t sure how I would dedicate my time to getting it done while working full time. Syama coached me through business and life planning together. Without her I never would have gotten it off the ground.”

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